compact steel frame dishrack

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compact steel frame dishrack

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Solid stainless steel frame matches the aesthetic of modern upscale kitchen appliances. Compact size is perfect for smaller kitchens with limited countertop space. Swivel spout rotates 360 degrees in any direction so it drains water directly into the sink — no matter how you place the dishrack on your countertop — and can be removed for easy cleaning. Anti-residue coating prevents residue buildup and water spots. Silicone-capped wire rack holds dishes tightly without scratching or chipping. A lower profile with anti-slip rubber feet gives the dishrack greater stability and keep it firmly in place. Fingerprint-proof coating helps protect against smudges and keeps it looking like new.

material: fingerprint-proof stainless steel
warranty: 5 year
sku: KT1184DC

you wash, I’ll dry

Our dishracks drain quickly and neatly — no puddles, water-spots, or residue. We even have a swivel spout to drain into the sink no matter how you position the dishrack.

strong steel pedal

invisible moisture control

The inner plastic tray is designed for optimum draining with a hydrophilic coating that spreads water thinly across the surface for super-fast evaporation plus a central stainless steel drain that takes care of the rest — and it unscrews for easy cleaning!

strong steel pedal
large capacity dishrack allows for many dishes to be piled in

go ahead, pile it on!

Got a lot of dishes? Our compact steel frame dishrack may look small, but it has enough capacity to handle it!

low profile, extra stability

We lowered the profile and added anti-slip rubber feet to give this dishrack greater stability so it stays in place on your countertop.

strong steel pedal
steel frame dishrack
rust proof fingerprint-proof

It's not enough to look good when it's brand new. We test our materials to stay clean and beautiful for years of use!