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fun, efficient dishwashing

Dishwashing is usually considered a chore, but when you combine our sensor pump, soap, and dishrack into your daily routine, not only is it super easy, but also – dare we say – enjoyable!

you wash, I’ll dry

Our dishracks drain quickly and neatly — no puddles, water-spots, or residue. We even have a swivel spout that drains directly into the sink no matter where you position the dishrack.

strong steel pedal
foam sensor pump

touch-free clean

Just hold your sponge out, and our touch-free foam sensor pump dispenses a dab of foam soap instantly – perfect for cleaning your dishes without wasting soap.

gentle but tough

Our liquid and foam dish soaps contain no phosphates and have dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic formulas that are gentle on hands but cut through grease for squeaky clean dishes.

liquid dish soap refills