high performance, low impact

pulse pump

we offer an alternative so you can break the cycle of single-use plastic bottles

The problem with disposable plastic bottles is not just how hard they are to recycle, or whether they’ll end up in a landfill, or worse, in the ocean. They are also part of a larger cycle of fast-manufacturing. A single-use bottle has to be replaced quickly with another single-use bottle. Each one puts a strain on the environment from manufacturing to disposal, and consumer habits keep the cycle moving. We want to break that cycle by offering people a better performing, lower environmentally impactful alternative.

our pulse pump is a better product that encourages better habits for you and the planet

People mean well, but no one wants to buy an inferior product — even if it is better for the planet. It is hard to drive change by asking people to sacrifice performance for the Earth’s benefit. Instead, we offer a better product experience that also encourages more sustainable habits. The pulse pump is a great example.

Better performance:

pulse pump
  • Our pulse pump mechanism offers a radical performance improvement over conventional push pumps. It requires 60% less force per pump. Just a light touch gives you a generous portion of soap.
  • Designed for one-handed dispense for faster, easier use.
  • Refills are neat and quick with a pop-off sealed lid and an integrated funnel opening.

Built to last:

pulse pump testing
  • The pulse pump is tested to withstand over 150,000 — that’s 15 pumps a day for 27 years (that’s equal to over 300 disposable plastic pump bottles).
  • We use high-grade materials and well-engineered parts that will withstand years of heavy use. The innovative pulse mechanism is a low-friction system that puts less wear and tear on the components that typically breakdown in traditional push pumps.
  • The pump head is solid die-cast zinc. It is the component that will feel the most stress with each use, so we decided not to take chances. It may be overkill, but it feels good to be sure!